Censorship: No
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Release date: 2020-03-26
Developer: Dark Crow
Version: 0.02 Beta

Language: English
Operating system: PC / Windows


You play the role of Lily, A girl who has never left her home and was always Home-schooled until the fateful night…a driving accident.
Now she stays with her step-father and goes to a public school, she likes reading all the time and is super shy in front of others.

Her and Frank (Step-father) stay in a place called Midland, a very large city with beautiful girls/guys and buildings. Sadly frank is not rich so while they are staying in Midland they are in the slums with dirty old men and dirty streets. Midland does not care for this area so they don’t fix the streets or buildings, but the law still is in affect here thankfully.

For more info: PLAY THE GAME!!
There will be events where people will try and grope you and many other things. you can fight it off and stay pure or become the sl*t you are by slowly helping with odd requests.”​